• Image of Pilates for Children and Adolescents; Manual of Guidelines and Curriculum

This is the first comprehensive manual of teaching guidelines and curriculum presentation for teaching Pilates to young people. The book includes:

- Guidelines for teaching Pilates to young people
- Why starting Pilates between the ages of 9 – 13 is particularly beneficial
- Crucial anatomical and cognitive development considerations for working with young people
- Additional relevant topics designed to equip the Pilates teacher with tools for creating relevant and safe programs for different age ranges, such as:

1. Safety considerations, exercise contraindications, scope of practice and ethics
2. Considerations for working in a variety of environments within both the public and private sectors
3. Age appropriate exercises from the Pilates repertoire
4. Guidance on the creating successful curriculum presentations for schools, including sample lesson plans

Pilates for Children and Adolescents is also now available in Korean!

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- Young Poong Book Store Inc. : They have countrywide branch networks. Phone 1544-9020 Korea

- Yeongmun Publishing Company. Phone 02-514-5590 Seoul, Korea

2. Online purchase:

- www.ymsbook.com
- www.ymsbook.net
- www.kyobobook.co.kr
- www.bandinlunis.com
- www.ypbooks.co.kr

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